Posted on October 3, 2020

ViaSport & BC Soccer will need to adjust our Return to Play (RTP) Phase level based on the current order/recommendations from the Public Health Authority. Each phase level comes with different allowances, and it’s important to note that the phase level we need to abide by is BC Soccer specific, and does not necessarily align with the phase levels used by school districts, the public health authority, or other sports.

CURRENT STATUS: As of May 25, 2020, adult (19+) and youth (U18) soccer IS permitted. – This means practices and games may return to near normal levels, but some restrictions will still be in place. For further information, please CLICK HERE to visit the BC Soccer website.

For all visiting teams and PMSC players, please ensure that you do the PMSC Online Self-Assessment test no earlier than 4 hours prior to the game. To access the self-assessment, please click here!

All soccer teams and players playing soccer on Port Moody Soccer fields will need to adhere to the PMSC RTP game protocols. Please ensure all team officials, players and guests of your team are aware of the following:

All Players, Team Officials, Referees & Guests:

  1. Symptoms - Any persons exhibiting any signs of Covid-19 will not be permitted on the field and may be asked to remove themselves from the proximity of the practice or game.
  2. Self-Assessment - All attendees are expected to do a self-assessment prior to arrival to ensure they are not symptomatic of Covid-19.
  3. Mask or Face Covering - Although not mandatory, mask wearing is highly-recommended to be worn at all times when in public.  
  4. Field Entry - Please note the different entrance & exit locations for each of our Port Moody fields – *see maps below.
  5. Field Time - Attendees are not permitted to access the field any earlier than 15 minutes prior to the kick-off time of any U5-U12 game, or 30 minutes prior to the kick-off time of any U13-Adult game. All attendees must exit the field area within 5-10 minutes of the conclusion of the game to allow for the next teams to access the field for their pre-game warm-up. Please see the schedules tab for more information.
  6. Physical Distance - All individuals must remain physically distanced a minimum of 3 meters between each other, unless they reside in the same household.
  7. Rule Adherence - All persons must cooperate with any direction or instructions given by City Staff or Port Moody Soccer Club personnel while attending a practice or game.
  8. Spectator Attendance - Spectators or parents are not able to attend any Port Moody Soccer Club practices or games until such time as our governing bodies relax the rules on spectators.
  9. Interactions - Any interactions between parents and coaches or staff will require both parties to wear a mask while communicating.

Players & Team Officials:

  1. Hand Sanitization - All players, team officials, and referees must sanitize their hands before/after the game with their own hand sanitizer, and must also re-sanitize their hands upon returning if they leave the field area.
  2. Mask or Face Covering - Coaches and team officials are highly encouraged to wear masks while coaching, but masks are not mandatory. A coach or teams official must wear a mask when communication between any parents / guardians / or family members is required.  
  3. Contact - There are no pre-game handshakes, fist bumps, or other unnecessary personal contact.
  4. Outside Food - Food & beverage items (other than water bottles) are not permitted.
  5. Change Rooms - All change rooms will remain closed.
  6. Garbage - Each team is responsible for removing their own garbage and supplies from the field and using the proper waste receptacles.
  7. Equipment - Any soccer balls or game equipment that are touched by an individual, or that leave the field must be cleaned prior to returning to play.
  8. Field Setup - All fields will be set up by PMSC teams – visiting (non-PMSC) teams should not touch any nets, corner flags or cones.
  9. Linesman - Some of our PMSC referees may not feel comfortable either using ‘parent’ linesmen, or sharing their linesman flags. Referees will discuss preference and game plan with team officials prior to the game.
  10. Contact Tracing - All teams must keep track of player attendance to practices or games. This can be done either by using one of the many tools that exist to manage teams (TeamLinkt, TeamSnap, PowerUpSports, GotSoccer, etc.), or via a spreadsheet that the Team Manager will need to maintain each week.
  11. Indoor Training -  Not applicable at this time.
  12. 1st Degree of Separation - Any team that has been around a team member that has a confirmed case of COVID-19 will be notified, and the team will be mandated to take a break for two weeks from the last time of exposure in practice or game.
  13. 2nd Degree of Separation - Any team member that is living with a friend or family member that has tested positive for COVID-19 must not join the team for practices or games until after the mandated 14 day isolation period for the person with COVID-19 is over.
  14. 3rd Degree of Separation - In some cases, a family member or friend that a player has been around may have been in the proximity of someone else who has been exposed to COVID-19 but might not have the test results back yet. We would ask that the player refrain from joining in any team practices or games, until the person that has been exposed (2nd degree) has tested negative for COVID-19. If the friend or family member receives positive test results, but the player does not live with the person, then we would ask that the member either get tested as well, or wait until such time as the two week isolation period of the person that tested positive has passed.

Also, attached is a new document created by BC Soccer that helps to clarify the new 'Kick-In' rule - please review.


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