Posted on November 16, 2021

Carlina_blog.jpgCarlina Menjivar, who played for our club for 10 years and was coached by Bruno Gasbarro and Nick Fusco was diagnosed in early June 2021 with T-Cell Lymphoblastic Lymphoma, a rare type of cancer. Since then, she has had 5 rounds of chemo, which unfortunately have not been successful. Sadly, she has been officially deemed terminal. It’s remains unclear how long she has left to live but she will be transferring into palliative care to ease her pain until her time comes.

Alahni Della-Savia has organized a Go Fund me fundraiser on her behalf.

They are raising money to fulfil any last wishes she has as well as help with the costs of her funeral to aid her family’s expenses. 

Please take some time to read the full story of her journey and consider donating. 

Our entire club is with you Carlina and sends you love.