Posted on October 10, 2022

Port Moody SC partners with Lift Fitness & Physiotherapy to offer expertise and support to our PMSC Community players with Player Injury Prevention, Player Injury Management, and Sport Medicine Plan.

"We are very excited to be partnered up with LIFT Fitness and Physiotherapy for all of our strength and conditioning as well as injury and injury prevention needs. LIFT has been a local Port Moody Company for the last 12 years and has won multiple awards including #1 Fitness studio for the past three years."

LIFT's focus is on injury prevention and prehabilitation where they pride themselves on educating the individual/athlete on the strengths, and weaknesses in their body to try to prevent the injury from occurring in the first place. LIFT wants to keep athletes on the field competing and playing to the best of their ability while continuing to improve their skills. While no injury is 100% preventable, proper preparation can reduce the risk of injury but also reduce the severity if an injury were to happen which means less time is needed before a full return to play.

Why is this important?

LIFT offers services to combat and prevent injuries from occurring. In combination with our sport-specific MPR assessment, activation prehab routine and triage assessments we are being proactive with preventing injuries from occurring and getting injuries and imbalances assessed early for injury prevention. We believe that we can help to bring that professionalism to grassroots. Clubs like the Vancouver Whitecaps, Arsenal and beyond have physiotherapists, strength and conditioning coaches, performance coaches all staffed to help their athletes prevent injuries from happening. LIFT is thrilled to offer these services to Port Moody Soccer Club.

What LIFT Provides PMSC?

*2 X a month 2-hour triage spots where we assess PMSC athletes (8x15 minute Slots) free of charge, LIFT will assess our athlete's current injuries to provide insight into their return to play timelines. First Triage starts Mon day October 17th from 3-5pm. Book your spot now!

Our Triage will be run by our Athletic Therapist Ryan Davies, Ryan has worked as an athletic therapist for clubs such as the Edmonton Elks and most recently the Vancouver Whitecaps.

image001.jpgRyan's Bio:

Ryan decided to pursue a career as a certified athletic therapist after a lifelong involvement in sport, playing basketball and football, and wanted to stay involved in sport after he finished playing. While earning a degree in Kinesiology he found that teaching other athletes how to reduce their risk of injury and help them return to play after an injury is what he was the most passionate about after going through injuries of his own. Ryan has 8 years experience as a therapist in varsity sports with the University of Alberta Golden Bears Football team, and MacEwan University Women’s Hockey. As well as professionally with the Edmonton Elks and most recently Vancouver Whitecaps.

Ryan specializes in soft tissue release, manual therapy, prophylactic bracing and taping, injury prevention and assessment as well as rehabilitation and return to play programming. He holds additional certifications as a corrective exercise specialist and performance exercise specialist. One of Ryan’s goals is to take the rehabilitation and injury prevention process that is available to professional athletes and make it accessible to everyone, No matter if your goal is to keep playing your favourite sport, go hiking on the weekend or just be pain free throughout the week!

When not at work you can find him playing ultimate frisbee and pickup basketball. Or more often than not trying to find anywhere in the lower mainland without concrete, going camping, hiking, or fishing whenever he has the chance. Ryan welcomes you to the LIFT experience.

*LIFT is also offering the club a complimentary injury Prevention workshop for players, coaches, and families. The complimentary workshop on Injury Prevention will be Thursday,  October 27th at 7pm for the club and is for coaches, players and parents. Priced at $150 this workshop is free for PMSC members. Use discount code: PomosoccerLIFT

Sign up below:

The workshop Will Include:

  • Zoom link to injury prevention workshop led by our athletic therapist
  • Link to team page and downloadable materials featured in our workshop
  • Exercises that you can start incorporating into your own prehab routine

In addition to those things Lift Fitness will provide further opportunities for our PMSC members:

  • *10% Initial Physiotherapy Assessment visit discount for the club members
  • *10% initial Personal Training Package discounts for PMSC athletes
  • *Discounted $50 per PMSC player (regularly $70) Sport-Specific MPR Assessment: A detailed, sport-specific, full-body report on any existing areas of tightness and muscle/tendon weakness, along with considerations for how they pertain to common sports injuries.
  • *Discounted team Prehab session (Silver Package) $150 per team regularly $399. Each team receives a prehab activation warmup and thera band for each player. and an hour-long session conducted by one of LIFT’s trainers where they will go over form correction of the routine. LIFT will provide a video of the routine and other downloadable resources for them to keep.

Checkout LIFT's Team Packages: