Posted on April 20, 2021

Special Meeting of the Members – 6 PM May 4th, 2021

The Port Moody Soccer Club will be calling a Special Meeting that will be held at 6 PM on May 4th, 2021. This meeting will be held specifically to allow members to vote on adopting by-law changes within the Port Moody Soccer Club Constitution and Bylaws. We have worked hard this year to advance our transparency in governance and improve the manner in which we conduct business. The recommended changes will go a long way to improving fairness, transparency, and ensuring that our governance protects the interest of all members within our club. We are proud of these changes, and we hope you will be as well. 

Before the Special Meeting is held though, we will first be holding an information session to allow any members to join in and ask any questions related to the bylaws. This session will be restricted to a time limit of 60 minutes and only questions pertaining to the bylaws will be addressed. After the meeting is over, all registered members will receive an email from our electronic voting platform (ElectionBuddy) allowing you to cast your vote safely, securely, and anonymously, on whether to accept or decline the changes to the bylaws. The electronic voting will be open for 1 week following the information session, and all voting will be closed at 5 PM on May 4th, 2021. At 6 PM that same evening, all the votes will be counted, and the Board will meet at the Special Meeting (open to all members) to ratify the votes. The only item on the agenda for that meeting will be the Special Resolution to adopt the bylaw changes. All Board members will cast their votes on record in the meeting, and the tallied-up votes from the Electronic voting prior to the meeting will be counted. The outcome of the vote will be decided at that moment, and the meeting will close with the new bylaws either being adopted or not being adopted.

Please see the attached document which has been generated to compare the current bylaws with the suggested changes. Here are a few notes to help members navigate the document:

  • Although the document suggests that there are over 200 changes to the bylaws, many of those changes are either formatting changes or corrections to grammar and spelling.
  • You will need a PDF viewer to read the attached document.
  • If you hover your mouse over or click on any highlighted section, a note will pop up explaining the changes made in that section.
  • Most (but not all) sections highlighted in blue are new by-laws that have been written.
  • Most (but not all) sections highlighted in yellow are corrections that have been made to spelling, grammar, formatting, etc.


PMSC Annual General Meeting – 6 PM May 19th, 2021

Following hot on the heels of our Special Meeting of the Members, we will be holding our Annual General Meeting at 6 PM on May 19th, 2021. In this upcoming year, 4 board positions are up for election including the following:

  1. President
  2. Treasurer
  3. 2 Director at large positions

As with last year, this year’s election will be held electronically. Please mark the following dates in your calendar.

  1. May 6th, 5 PM - deadline to submit applications for Board positions (click here to apply). 
  2. May 7th - A writeup for all the candidates will be posted on the Club website and sent out to members via email and online voting packages will be sent out to all members.
  3. May 19th, 6 PM – The AGM will begin. All members are encouraged to join online.


If you wish to participate in either of the preceding votes, it is very important to understand the following rules:

  1. All families of youth players are entitled to two votes per family, but only one vote per guardian. To be able to cast a vote in either election, all guardians MUST be registered in our registration system and associated with the appropriate players.
  2. All Adult players must also be registered in our system to cast a vote, and are entitled to one vote per player. 
  3. In order to vote for the by-law changes, you must be registered in the PMSC registration system by no later than Midnight Tuesday, April 27th.
  4. In order to vote for Board Members or Special Resolutions at the AGM, you must be registered in the PMSC registration system by no later than midnight Wednesday, May 12th.
  5. Votes will not be cast by members at either the Special Meeting or the AGM. All voting must be done within the week leading up to the meetings via the electronic voting system so that results can be presented to the members when each meeting is held.

In the coming days, we will send out further details related to the Bylaw Information Meeting, for any members who wish to attend. In the meantime, if any member has questions, please feel free to reach out to us at and we will gladly address them there.


Thank you to all the members that participated over this past year within our Club. Our numbers were down quite significantly this year due to COVID, but we are happy we have been able to provide training for all our members, and complete lots of back-office planning and improvements that we will be launching in the upcoming Fall / Winter 2021-2022 season. 

If anyone has any questions about anything in this message, please feel free to reach out to us at Thank you for your participation!


The Port Moody Soccer Club