Posted on December 11, 2020

The all new Port Moody Soccer Club!

Since 1960, the Port Moody Soccer Club has been an integral part of recreational and competitive sport culture in the Tri-Cities area. That being said, we know we can do more, and that’s exactly what we are going to do!

The Port Moody Soccer Club is proud to announce that we have begun working on the following initiatives with the goal of being completed within the 2021 – 2022 season!

Canada Soccer National Youth License

There isn’t anything higher. The Canada Soccer National Youth License is awarded to clubs that go through a rigorous 150 step process to ensure they meet the criteria to provide the highest level of soccer training within Canada. This process promotes support and training for every person no matter their level or ability. It also ensures that any recipient of the license creates a cradle-to-grave approach to soccer in which any player who wants to play soccer can come in and work towards the levels that they want to achieve! Whether its through the Adaptive Program for our players with special abilities, our Recreational Program for youth and adults, or the High Performance Programs for youth with an eye towards university, semi-pro, or professional levels, the Port Moody Soccer Club will be able to provide any player with the training they need to achieve their goals.

BCSPL Youth Program

The highest level that a youth player under the age of 18 can train and play at in any organization in British Columbia is within the BC Soccer Premier League. With the acquisition of the National Youth License, the Port Moody Soccer Club has every intention of acquiring the privilege to join this prestigious league and create further opportunities for youth in the Tri-Cities to play at the highest competitive level they can play at. Under the watchful eye of nationally licensed coaches, players will learn key skills and receive guidance to help them rise to their full potential on the soccer pitch.

Pacific Coast Soccer League

The Port Moody Soccer Club is proud to announce that we will be creating new opportunities for players over the age of 18 by entering both a men and women’s Port Moody Soccer Club team into the Pacific Coast Soccer League. The Pacific Coast Soccer League is widely regarded for it’s very high level of play in which up-and-comers and ex-pros come together and play a 16 game season from April to July. With 8 home games, you will have an opportunity to see some of our homegrown players showcase their skills in Port Moody, as they hone their talents and pursue their goals of university, semi-pro, or even professional play down the road. These fun-filled events will be hosted on our home field, and will be a great way for any soccer fan to spend an afternoon sitting in either our stands or our beer garden, watching some of the events, partaking in some of the activities, joining in on some of raffles, and supporting your very own local soccer team!

All of this and so much more will be announced in the coming months, so please stay subscribed for updates and further announcements as we grow our club and continue to work towards building a strong soccer culture in our community!

We wish you all the best during the holiday season, and we hope you all continue to play safe out there!


The Port Moody Soccer Club

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