Welcome to the Club Contacts Page. Our volunteers spend countless hours running the Port Moody Soccer Club, and it is their dedication and support that makes us so successful! When reaching out to our contacts below, we ask you to follow the proper communication protocols of who to contact first - see information below.

For questions or concerns about club related business, please adhere to the following communication process:

  1. For questions or concerns relating to your current team or any PMSC related program:
    1. Contact your team’s head coach or manager
    2. If the question or concern is administrative and not resolved, please reach out to admin@portmoodysoccer.com
    3. If your question is Technical and not resolved please contact our Boys Head Coach – Yuri Vasilevski or our Technical Director - Brittany Baxter
    4. If you have a question for our Executive Director please email Srdjan Djekanovic
  • For questions or concerns relating to player registration, registration fees or payment plans:
    1. Contact the Registrar

  • For general questions or concerns:
    1. Contact the club at admin@portmoodysoccer.com.
  • PMSC Coaches and Managers:
      Communication about Technical questions for Brittany and Yuri should be coming from team head coach, who can ask on behalf of assistant coaches, managers, or parents. Admin related questions for the admin should come from team manager or team coach.

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Technical Coach Contacts

Brittany Baxter
Technical Director
Yuri Vasilevski
Head Coach Boys Soccer

Club Operations Contacts

Srdjan Djekanovic
Executive Director
Deidra Vath
Deidra Vath
Teri Shaw
Adaptive Program Lead
Joey Ratcliffe
Referee In Chief
Joey Ratcliffe
Referee Coordinator
Amy Hendriks
NFYSA District Rep
Johnny Millin
NFYSA District Rep
Teri Shaw
Risk Manager

Elected Board of Directors Contacts

Matthew Campbell
John Scholte
Vice President
Raul Sales
Emily Kirkham
Andrew Clark
Director at Large
David Addison
Director at Large
Shirin Sharifikhah
Director at Large
Anthony Habib
Director at Large
Stuart Kerby
Director at Large

The PMSC Academy employs a highly motivated group of soccer education specialists to ensure that that all players receive the optimum level of service on and off the playing field.

Larry Moro | On-Field Coordinator U2-U3 Tykes Academy and U4-U5 Minis Academy
Larry Moro
On-Field Coordinator U2-U3 Tykes Academy and U4-U5 Minis Academy
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Danielle Barrett | Adaptive Soccer Program Head Coach
Danielle Barrett
Adaptive Soccer Program Head Coach
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Please use this form to submit an inquiry to our Club Administrator. Typically, forms are responded to within 24 - 48 hours. Monday through Friday.

The Port Moody Soccer Club Office hours are Monday to Friday 10:00am to 3:00pm