The Port Moody Soccer Club continues to monitor the COVID-19 situation closely. The Club has prepared the following FAQ’s in response to questions that were brought forward by membership.

If you are a visiting team to Port Moody please READ our "PMSC's Return to Play Game Protocol for Visiting Teams"

Will there be a soccer season?
Yes, soccer has started and we are expecting the season to run Sept through March. There are some different rules and expectations that may be adjusted over the course of the season if/as the Return to Sport phases change. The Port Moody Soccer Club will offer whatever programs are permitted within the guidelines. Click HERE to view the most current BC Soccer’s Return to Play plan information. Of note, our PMSC Academy programs will operate under the Phase 1 program, unless all participants in the group are also within the same cohort for games, and depending on the allowances of the current Return to Play phase.
What does a 'Physically Distanced' practice mean?
It means that players must maintain a minimum of 3 meters between them during practices (note this was previously 2 meters). There are a number of ways to accomplish this, by organizing ‘practice squares’, using cones for players to stand apart in line/relay activities, organizing mini practice-pods.
What happens if we decide to wait and register later - can my child play?

We need to move forward with those players committed to play soccer regardless of the phase, and teams will be rostered/finalized accordingly. If a player decides to register later, we will always work to find a team for them, but if teams are full, they will have to remain on the waitlist until a spot comes available.

I’m interested in coaching, but I don’t know how restrictions will impact my ability to coach and will there be extra responsibilities required from me as a coach?

Re: How to Run a Practice: BC Soccer has provided a number of resources of activities/drills that are recommended during various phases, plus our PMSC Head Coaches have been working diligently over the summer to develop training plans and will be supporting coaches with trainings and materials and support to keep soccer fun for our players.  We are working together to support you.

Re: Cleaning Equipment:  (As of Phase 2) Cleaning of equipment between uses is the responsibility of each team.  Players are each being given a pinnie for the season which they will need to bring to each game/practice to use, and then are responsible for cleaning the pinnie themselves.

Re: Extra Responsibilities: Coaches and Team Managers (team officials) are always responsible for the safety and wellbeing of their players, as parents are tasked with the responsibility of ensuring that their child’s ability to participate is within the guidelines of the PMSC Illness Policy. Team officials would be expected to remind children to remember to cough into a sleeve or shoulder, or to wash/sanitize their hands if they touched something they shouldn’t. In an instance where a child shows up to practice sick or if a family is not being compliant with the physical distancing rules, then team officials can bring it to the attention of the PMSC personnel.

What happens regarding refunds if the season is cancelled, partly cancelled, or if we decide we don’t want to play any longer?

PMSC developed a Covid Cancellation Policy directly relating to the full or partial cancellation of the soccer season. This document can be found on the PMSC website, under Registration.

What measures are the club taking to reduce spread of Covid-19?

PMSC is being compliant with the requirements set by the City of Port Moody and BC Soccer:

  • All equipment is to be cleaned and sanitized before/after use by teams.
  • Players & coaches will need to bring their own hand sanitizer and sanitize their hands at the field before/after soccer activities, and during games as required.
  • All field attendees should wash their hands at home before/after soccer activities.  
  • Families will need to follow the same protocols as with any public venture and ensure they are symptom free and not participate if they have been outside Canada within 2 weeks, or if they have been directly exposed to someone diagnosed with Covid-19.
  • Players are to sign a PMSC Covid-19 waiver and be compliant with the new PMSC Illness Policy.
  • Soccer activities will follow whatever physical distancing protocols are required depending on the BC Soccer Return to Play (RTP) phase – e.g. BC Soccer RTP Phase 1 requires a minimum distance between players, and BC Soccer RTP Phase 2 allows for scrimmage. 
  • PMSC personnel will wear masks/gloves as required if they need to deal with a situation and are not able to physically distance
  • At this time, players are not required to wear masks, but may do so at their own preference.  Team officials are required to wear masks to/from the fields.
  • If spectators are permitted, all spectators attending soccer events at an indoor venue (e.g. school gyms), must wear a mask, doors must remain open, and we strongly recommend only one parent/guardian attend.
  • Sharing of water bottles, pinnies, and communally shared food is not permitted.
  • Players are not permitted to handle the balls or any equipment with their hands.
What should I do if I notice someone not following the rules?

The non-compliant person (player or parent) should be reminded by the team’s coach/manager to follow the rules, so please advise the coach/manager as a first step.  If a person is continually being non-compliant, please advise Club personnel, as their non-compliance with the rules can lead to the ‘privilege’ of playing soccer being taken away from the Club by the City or BC Soccer.

What am I/my child required to do for practices/games to prevent the spread of Covid-19?
  • Ensure you/your child is free from any Covid-19 symptoms and are compliant with the PMSC Illness Policy.
  • Players much wash their hands prior to attending games/practices and when they get home.  
  • Each player must bring their own hand sanitizer to use at the field prior to and after games.
  • (City of Port Moody) washrooms will be open and maintained by the City, but players are encouraged to use washroom facilities at home.
  • No sharing of water bottles, pinnies or food is permitted.
  • Spitting and clearing of the nose onto the field surface is not permitted, and if done, the child will not be permitted to remain on the field (this is a BC Soccer rule). 
  • If spectators are permitted, all spectators attending soccer events at an indoor venue (e.g. school gyms), must wear a mask, doors must remain open, and we strongly recommend only one parent/guardian attend.
Is my family allowed to attend games?

Per the current Public Health order, as of Nov 29, 2020, spectators are not permitted at practices nor games.  

If spectators are permitted, we ask that only one parent or guardian attends if at all possible, and that masks or approved face coverings are worn on the sidelines. Regardless of how many people attend, we ask that face masks or approved face coverings are worn at the sidelines of any PMSC games and that all family members not associated with each other remain 2 metres apart.
Are any of the soccer game rules changing as a result of Covid-19?
There are a few game rules that have been adjusted. Mostly they relate to no handshakes, the need to sanitize before/after games, etc.  However, to be compliant with no touching of the ball/equipment, throw-ins will be replaced by a ‘kick-in’, and there are new procedures for a 'drop ball'.  To view the most current BC Soccer Return to Play plan that outlines these changes please go to the BC Soccer website HERE to view.

Registration for the Fall / Winter Soccer Season is now OPEN!

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