The Port Moody Soccer Club
Port Moody Soccer Club

The Port Moody Soccer Club continues to monitor the COVID-19 situation closely. The Club has prepared the following FAQ’s in response to questions that were brought forward by membership.

Will there be a soccer season?
Yes, there will be season, but right now we are only permitted to do physically distanced practices, so there is no scrimmaging allowed. Many of our teams have been practicing through the summer and our Head Coaches have been working with teams to provide training ideas on fun soccer activities/drills for our players to do while maintaining the >necessary 2 meters between players.
What does a 'Physically Distanced' practice mean?
It means that players must maintain a minimum of 2 meters between them during practices. There are a number of ways to accomplish this, by organizing ‘practice squares’, using cones for players to stand apart in line/relay activities , organizing mini practice-pods. Additionally, all U9 and younger players will be required to have a parent or older sibling next to them during practices. This actually allows those players to include elements of 1v1 scrimmage in their practices between the family members.
When will we be allowed to play games? What does 'Phase 1 Soccer' mean? And what is allowed in the other phases?
What will be allowed and when, is completely dependent on what happens with the number of Covid-19 cases and what the health authorities allow. BC Soccer has a ‘Return to Play’ plan and we are in Phase 1 of 5 potential phases. We don’t know what will be permitted with subsequent phases, but likely it will consist of expanding our soccer ‘bubbles’. We know that some sports have started ‘small-sided’ scrimmage over the summer and these are being looked at as models for the fall sport programs so this keeps us optimistic that some semblance of scrimmage/game play will be permitted providing our pandemic numbers stay in check.
When will we know what will be allowed in the fall?
We don’t know this information yet, but are pretty confident that BC Soccer will be working with the health authorities and ViaSport to make a determination/update around the end of August – if not before. As of right now the season is due to start practices after Labour Day and first league games are scheduled to start the Sept 19/20 weekend.
When do I have to pay for soccer?

An email was sent to all members asking families to pay for soccer to confirm their child’s participation by Aug 4. If you have not yet paid, your registration has not been cancelled, however, since we are confirming teams and moving forward with the understanding that there will be a season, we need to have a commitment now from families whether they are prepared to play or not. Registering for soccer and confirming your registration means that you are willing to play soccer regardless of the phase level we are in.

As such, we are needing all families to pay for soccer to confirm their attendance, or send an email to to withdraw your child so that we can finalize rosters and advise families of the status of the team for those wishing to play regardless of the phase level. If a family would like to defer payment for the raffle ticket portion of the registration to the fall, that can be arranged by emailing

What happens if we decide to cancel now and register later - can my child play?

We need to move forward with those players committed to play soccer regardless of the phase, and teams will be rostered/finalized accordingly. If a player decides to register later, we will always work to find a team for them, but if teams are full, they will have to remain on the waitlist until a spot comes available.

I’m interested in coaching, but I don’t know how restrictions will impact my ability to coach and will there be extra responsibilities required from me as a coach?

Re: How to Run a Practice: BC Soccer has provided a number of resources of activities/drills that are recommended during Phase 1, plus our PMSC Head Coaches have been working diligently over the summer to develop training plans and will be supporting coaches with trainings and materials and support to keep soccer fun for our players. We are working together to support you.

Re: Cleaning Equipment: During Phase 1, and with cleaning/sanitation requirements, the plan is that each team practicing/playing at North Shore, Trasolini or Inlet Fields will not bring equipment with them to the field and will receive a set of training equipment (balls, cones, nets, etc.) for them to use during practice. This equipment will be returned to PMSC personnel at the field after practice to be cleaned and prepared for next day’s use. Unless a coach is opting to use a different training venue (agreed to by PMSC) they will not need to worry about cleaning equipment.

Re: Extra Responsibilities: Coaches and Team Managers (team officials) are always responsible for the safety and wellbeing of their players, as parents are tasked with the responsibility of ensuring that their child’s ability to participate is within the guidelines of the PMSC Illness Policy. Team officials would be expected to remind children to remember to cough into a sleeve or shoulder, or to wash/sanitize their hands if they touched something they shouldn’t. In an instance where a child shows up to practice sick or if a family is not being compliant with the physical distancing rules, then team officials can bring it to the attention of the PMSC personnel onsite at the field for action.

What happens regarding refunds if the season is cancelled, partly cancelled, or if we decide we don’t want to play any longer?

PMSC developed a Covid Cancellation Policy directly relating to the full or partial cancellation of the soccer season. This document can be found on the PMSC website, under Registration.

Are we going to be receiving uniforms and will we need to pay for them if there are no games?

The cost for uniforms for players has been included in the registration fees. Because we need an 8 week lead time for uniforms, PMSC has had to place an order for uniforms and will be incurring this cost regardless if there is a season. However, if uniforms are not needed/distributed to players this season, then we will save them in inventory for a future season. Please refer to the Covid Cancellation Policy for further information.

What measures are the club taking to reduce spread of Covid-19 when we return to play?

PMSC is being compliant with the requirements set by the City of Port Moody and BC Soccer:

  • All equipment is to be cleaned and sanitized after use.
  • Players will need to sanitize their hands before/after soccer activities.
  • Families will need to follow the same protocols as with any public venture and ensure they are symptom free and not participate if they have been outside Canada within 2 weeks.
  • Players are to sign a PMSC Covid-19 waiver and be compliant with the new PMSC Illness Policy.
  • Soccer activities will follow physical distancing protocols.
  • PMSC personnel will wear masks/gloves as required if they need to deal with a situation and are not able to physically distance

At this time, players and team officials are not required to wear masks, but may do so at their own preference.