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With the recent (June) announcements, we are EXCITED that we will be returning to soccer very soon! However, soccer (like most things) will look different, and what is allowed and how we need to operate is an ever changing landscape.

It is important to know that soccer will not be the same as it was last season. At this point, scrimmage and games are not permitted, so soccer will be limited to training activities; and there are new requirements for social distancing, allowable activities per age, new policies/waivers required, cleaning/sanitation requirements, coach training, pick-up & drop-off protocols, maximum number of players, etc. These logistics are being worked out and will be incorporated into PMSC’s Return to Play Plan.

Our primary goal is to ensure that Port Moody Soccer provides an inclusive, community-minded and safe environment for our youth and adult programs to play soccer.

BC Soccer, ViaSport, Soccer Canada & Government – Return To Play Plan

The provincial health authorities and BC Soccer have been working together via an organization called ViaSport to determine what a return to play for soccer would look like.  ViaSport BC is a non-profit society that acts as an agent for the Ministry to enable the growth, governance, and stewardship of amateur sport in B.C. (all sports, not just soccer so that there is a level of consistency over all sports organizations); and they have released their ViaSport Return to Sport Guidelines.  Soccer Canada has also created a set of guidelines and provided information and resources to each of the provincial soccer entities to create a unified set of expectations across the country.  

As such BC Soccer have now published and released to all soccer Districts and Clubs a comprehensive ‘Return to Play Plan – Phase 1’.

More information on the Return to Play guidelines is available on the BC Soccer website -  We encourage you to visit this site and review their information so you are better informed.  A copy of ViaSports ‘Sport Activity Chart’ is shown below so you can see the various implementation phases.

Port Moody Soccer’s Return To Play Plan – Click Here

The next step is that each Club must take the BC Soccer guidelines and prepare a plan that will need to be presented for approval, and additionally submitted to the City (before we can book fields and other training facilities). The three clubs in the Tri-Cities are also working together to try to align their program offerings.

Once all is approved we can let you know the program details for programs we are looking to offer during the Summer as well as the coming Fall/Winter season. We hope to have more information prior to the end of the month.

PMSC is eager to see our members back playing the game they love as soon as possible. In order to maximize safety coupled with soccer experience, we are taking direction from sport and health authorities to form our specific return to play protocols. We must take a cautious approach to ensure that Return to Play - Phase 1 is implemented in an organized safe manner for all involved. This must align with both Provincial Health, BC Soccer and Canadian Soccer Association guidelines. We also understand that some families may not be comfortable with the risk associated with returning to sport; ultimately members will need to assess our program and make an informed decision that suits their risk tolerance.

Sport activity chart

As developed by ViaSport, please see the chart below for information on the various phases of returning to sport. We are entering into the "transition measures" phase as highlighted in the chart below.

As a result, all of our (PMSC) safe soccer, return to play information will based on the specific points listed in the chart. While the club will ensure that we create the safest possible environment as guided by health and sport authorities, it is essential that all participants also do their part in following the guidelines.

Return to Play Update

As of June 17th

Canada Soccer and BC Soccer have developed a 'Return to Play' plan in cooperation with ViaSport and the Provincial Health Authority.  Soccer Clubs are working with their Districts to develop their own return to play program based on the guidelines set by the governing more.

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