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Looking for something? Lost something?


If you have found an item at one of our PMSC fields, or if you are wishing to return a PMSC item to either the club or a PMSC player found at another location, please email our Lost and Found Coordinator at to coordinate return of the item to the Soccer Club.  Please include the following information:

  • Item description
  • Location item was found
  • Date & approximate time item was found

If the item found was clothing (shirts, jackets, track pants, hats, etc.) at either Trasolini Turf Field or North Shore Turf Field, please just leave the item(s) hanging on the fence.  Our Lost & Found Coordinator does a weekly sweep of the fields if members have not returned to claim their lost item(s).

Note that we do not collect and return water-bottles as there are too many left behind – best to leave them at the field where you found them as normally families will return to collect them.


If you have lost an item, first go back and check the location where the item was left as in many cases the items are left at the field.  Our Lost & Found Coordinator does a weekly sweep of our Port Moody Soccer Trasolini and North Shore turf fields and posts found items below.  If you lost an item at a field outside of Port Moody, you will need to contact the hosting soccer club or municipality to see if they have a lost & found option.

If your item is valuable or unique, we can list your lost item in our Lost Items document below.  Small items that often left behind in mass quantities (e.g. waterbottles, socks, etc.) are too numerous for us to list.  To list a lost item, please email the Lost & Found Coordinator at, and include the following information:

  • Item description
  • Location item was lost
  • Date & approximate time item was lost

Current Lost & Found Items

*There are no Lost and Found items listed at this time.

Return to Play Update

As of June 17th

Canada Soccer and BC Soccer have developed a 'Return to Play' plan in cooperation with ViaSport and the Provincial Health Authority.  Soccer Clubs are working with their Districts to develop their own return to play program based on the guidelines set by the governing more.

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