PMSC RETURN TO PLAY PLAN for Fall-Winter 2020/2021 season during BC Soccer’s Phase 1 Return to Play

In order to maximize safety coupled with soccer experience, we have taken direction from our provincial sport and health authorities to form our PMSC return to play protocols.  We must take a cautious approach to ensure that BC Soccer’s Return to Play phase 1 is implemented in an organized and safe manner for all involved; and in alignment with all Provincial Health, BC Soccer, ViaSport and Canadian Soccer Association guidelines.  We understand that some families may not be comfortable with the risk associated with returning to sport, and so ultimately members will need to assess our program and make their own informed decisions about returning to soccer. 

This Return to Play Plan is specific to the current Phase 1 permissions for organized sport.  As we advance to Phase 2 (and beyond) our program offerings may be adjusted based on new permissions; however, note that the Port Moody Soccer Club will be making adjustments within the permitted allowances for next Return to Play ‘phases’ as set by the provincial health authorities, ViaSport, BC Soccer and Canada Soccer.

Program Offerings during the Fall - Winter 2020-2021 Season

PMSC will be offering two program options during the fall-winter season – September 2020 through March 2021:

1.Team-Based Program

  • Program runs Sept 1 through March 14, however some teams may be continuing their season later if they are successful in their run for the provincial championship.  The season takes an estimated 3 week ‘holiday break’ starting mid December.
  • Program consists of (1-2) 60-90 minute weekly practices.  All practice sessions will confirm to the Return to Play guidelines set for soccer.
  • During Return to Play Phase 1, there will be no soccer games, however weekly matches (in addition to practices) will be part of our program offerings once these are permitted by health authorities and BC Soccer.
  • Facilities used for program offerings include: North Shore Turf Field, North Shore Grass Field, Trasolini Turf Field, Trasolini Warm-Up Pitch, Aspenwood Grass Field, Westhill Grass Field, Heritage Mountain Grass Field, Inlet Gravel Field, and the Westhill Sports Box.
  • Program sessions will be led by volunteer/parent coaches, and players will consist of players playing on their 2020-2021 fall/winter team.
  • PMSC will provide 1-2 paid persons to be at each of North Shore Community Fields, Trasolini Field and Inlet Field (as applicable).  This person(s) will oversee check-in/check-out safety procedures, and ensure all social distancing protocols are maintained during the sessions.   
  • Only players registered with Port Moody Soccer Club will be permitted to participate in this program to ensure insurance coverage and that all liability waivers have been completed, including the new Canada Soccer required Covid-19 Liability Waiver.

2. Academy Program

  • Program runs Sept 14 through February 28. The season takes an estimated 3 week ‘holiday break’ starting mid December.
  • Program consists of (1) 60-90 minute weekly practice.  All practice sessions will confirm to the Return to Play guidelines set for soccer.
  • Facilities used for program offerings include: Trasolini Turf Field and Trasolini Warm-Up Pitch.
  • Sessions will be led and managed by paid PMSC technical coaches/personnel.   In addition to running the session they will oversee check-in/check-out safety procedures, cleaning of equipment and ensuring all social distancing protocols are maintained.
  • Only players registered with Port Moody Soccer Club will be permitted to participate in this program to ensure insurance coverage and that all liability waivers have been completed, including the new Canada Soccer required Covid-19 Liability Waiver.

Attendee Numbers & Field Set-up

To remain compliant with all governing restrictions, the following will apply:

  • Full fields will be used, and broken down into field zones per group to maintain social distancing per the ‘phase’ requirements.  For Phase 1, a minimum of 2M of physical distancing will be maintained at all times. Grids, player, coaching areas and safe zones have all been established to ensure that no encroachment of personal space occurs. 
  • Practice schedules have been adjusted so that a maximum of 50 PMSC players/coaches/personnel are on the field at any given time.
  • Parents will not be permitted to remain on the field during the session, unless their attendance still permits PMSC to remain within the maximum of 50 persons. 

Team Member Requirements: (for all program offerings)

Team Members are designated as all players, coaches, team managers & program coordinators.

  • Team members must provide their own water bottles and not share or swap any items.
  • Team members must sanitize their hands upon arrival to the field and when leaving the field.  PMSC will provide sanitization gel for this purpose. 
  • Team members will access their designated practice area following the track path in a counter-clockwise direction (turning to the right upon entry to the field).
  • No physical contact between team members is permitted at any time, including handshakes, first bumps, etc.  
  • Players must keep the ball provided to them at the session.
  • Players should refrain from touching the ball with their hands.
  • Team members may select to wear a mask during training, however this will not be required by PMSC.
  • Any team members attending sessions must review the symptoms check list daily.  Any attendees with any COVID-19 symptoms will not be permitted to attend – per the PMSC Illness Policy (see Appendix 3). 

Training Equipment & Cleaning: 

  • Training equipment will consist of cones, ladders, nets, hurdles, mannequins, and soccer balls.  Pinnies will not be utilized during Phase 1.
  • During Phase 1 and while equipment needs to be sanitized, training equipment will be provided by the soccer club for each session, so for team practice sessions, coaches will not bring their own equipment, nor be permitted to use any equipment other than what is provided by PMSC.  
  • PMSC will have sanitized balls and cones ready for use at the beginning of each session for coaches to pick up and distribute to players.   
  • Coaches will return all balls & cones to the designated return area, whereupon they will be properly disinfected by designated PMSC personnel.
  • Players will only handle equipment that has been designated for them to use during the session and provided to them by their coach.  
  • Sanitization table(s) and storage facility access points will be sanitized daily and/or after each use.

Training Considerations (during Phase 1): 

  • Sessions will involve the ball played below the waist. There will be no intentional handling of the ball or any contact above the waist.   The exception to this will be for any goaltender training, however goaltenders will be required to wear goalie gloves during training.  Any player who accidentally touches any equipment, will be required to sanitize their hands at the sanitizing station.
  • There will be no 1v1 activities, no scrimmages, and no small sided or full-sized games. 
  • All training sessions will be designed to keep players in their own areas, and to not come into contact with other players. 
  • A list of recommended training activities and session plans will be provided to PMSC coaches.
  • Teams will need to comply with the minimum 1:10 coach/player ratio, as well as, the attendance of parents for younger aged children, as set out in the BC Soccer Return to Play guidelines.
  • All PMSC coaches will be attending a training/information session led by PMSC’s Head of Soccer Operations that will review all the policies, guidelines, safety measures, etc. required.
  • PMSC will require all coaches to sign an agreement outlying the requirements of coaches in running a team practice with the understanding that if they are in violation of the agreement they will forfeit their ability to use the field.
  • Training considerations and what will be permitted may change as the governing authorities move into Phase 2 and later levels of the Return to Play plan – see grid below.

Facility Notes:

  • Washrooms will remain open and be managed by the City of Port Moody.
  • Players will be encouraged to attend to their washroom needs prior to attending any session, however if a team member needs to use the washroom, they will be required to sanitize their hands when leaving and returning to the field after using the washroom facilities.
  • PMSC will be installing a special lock on the storage facilities used to store equipment and sanitation supplies.
  • All nets will remain locked with a special lock that can only be accessed by PMSC personnel.  All nets will be cleaned and locked up after usage, so that they can not be used outside of PMSC programs.

Scheduling Compliance:

  • 15-30 minute gap between PMSC training times within our scheduled booking time.  
  • Players will be advised that they will not be able to access the field until 5 minutes prior to their allotted session time.
  • Players must come to the field fully dressed and ready to play soccer.
  • Players who are late may not be included in the session.
  • At the conclusion of your session players will gather their personal equipment and immediately leave the field of play – within 5 minutes of the conclusion of your session.
  • Players are in no way permitted to congregate after the conclusion of their session. 

Emergency/Safety Protocol:

  • If there is an emergency, 9-1-1 is the first avenue of response.
  • Physical contact needs to be kept a minimum and any emergency situation will be deferred to the first responders on-site, or if the situation is not to that level to the designated PMSC (paid) Technical Coach(es) who are the person(s) managing compliancy and safety. 
  • A selection of gloves and safety masks, will be kept in a sanitized and secure bag inside a ‘first aid container’ located at both turf fields and Inlet field for coaches and PMSC personnel to utilize if needed.  Additionally, each coach will be given a sealed mask and set of gloves for use in an emergency.
  • If a team member is symptomatic of COVID-19, then any other team members that this person has been in contact with will be notified of a potential exposure to COVID-19, and be subject to the PMSC Illness Policy.
  • If a team member is symptomatic of COVID-19 while partaking in a PMSC activity, they will be required to immediately leave the field, or ‘quarantined’ off the field until their parent arrives to pick them up.  If this is a player, the parents will be notified immediately.  Any other team members who may have come into contact with the symptomatic person will also be required to leave the field.  All equipment used by this person will be thoroughly re-sanitized.
  • Procedures for team members who are symptomatic of COVID-19 or who have come into contact with some with COVID-19, are subject to the PMSC Illness Policy (see Appendix 3).

For the PMSC Illness Policy, please click here.

Appendix 1 – Field Set-up and Accessing Field Training Areas

Appendix 2 – ViaSport Return to Sport Transition Guidelines

Per VIA Sport, we are entering into the "transition measures" phase as highlighted in the chart below. As a result, all of our safe soccer, return to play information is based on the specific points listed in the chart. While the club will ensure that we create the safest possible environment as guided by health and sport authorities, it is essential that all participants do their part in following the guidelines.


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