Register for the (U6 – U7) Open Academy

The Port Moody Soccer club is very committed to ensuring that everyone in our community has an opportunity to train in the manner that works best for them. One of our very own Technical Directors, Brittany (Timko) Baxter, spent a large part of her youth career training with teams that consisted of boys only, as she felt this provided her the most competitive opportunity for growth. As a part of our commitment to opportunity and inclusivity, the Port Moody Soccer Club has developed an Open Academy program which will run 1 day a week and can be selected as an option for any child (U6 to U7) allowing them to play in a mixed gender academy focused on developing their full potential. As interest dictates, this program may expand to other ages in the future.

This program is currently available for U6 to U7 players for Fall-Winter 2021-22 season. The club will look to expand this program to more ages in the future. 

  • Duration of training: 1 hour
  • Frequency: 1x / week
  • When: March 28th – June 6th

To register for this program please email: