Register for the (U8 – U10) Recreational Program

Port Moody SC provides opportunities for players from U8 to U10 to choose to play in the Recreational League (House) or join Development League. Recreational teams train 1 x per week and play the game on the weekend. Development teams practice 2x per week and play a game on the weekend.

Both programs offer opportunities to continue to develop and learn, and both follow the Long Term Player Development pathway. By providing the players and families with a choice and placing players we are looking to allow them the opportunities to play with peers at the appropriate skill level at this particular moment in time. Ensuring player success and touches on the ball increase player enjoyment, improved player experience, growth in confidence level, and in turn player development. Players learn the most when having fun and experiencing success, which aligns with Long Term Player Development.

Recreational and Development teams are formed at U8 based on year-round player evaluations from Technical Director, Assistant Technical Directors, and technical staff during the U7 season. We believe that development does not occur in a straight line, rather everyone develops at their own pace, and at different times. We believe that year-round evaluations of our players give us much better knowledge of their strengths and provide us with more informed decision-making, in order to best support individual Long Term Player Development of all players.

Players not selected to the development team will continue to be evaluated throughout the season, as are all our players, and player movement can happen during the season if the staff believes it is the best for that player’s development.

The strength of our club is that we have some very knowledgeable and experienced staff, who know all our players very well. We believe in the power of connecting, and our technical staff provides communication to our players throughout the year, and also works with ALL teams (development and recreational).

NEW, out-of-club players are asked to register for Identification Session and will be invited to a practice, held by our Technical Staff so that we can make informed decisions, and place the player at their appropriate level.

  • Duration of training: 1 hour
  • Frequency: 1x / week
  • When:
    • Fall /Winter: September 5, 2023, Until March 15, 2024
    • Spring: Apr 3- Jun 18