Referee fees are paid to referees directly by the Club to the referee, with the exception of the centre (only) referees for Metro level games.

Referees are paid the first week of each month for all previous games reffed up to the 15th of the month prior - e.g. referees will be paid first week of November for all games refereed up to October 15. Metro level centre referees will be paid at the field by the Coach/Manager of the home team.

'Friendlies' arranged by a team may request a club referee, but these referee fees will be paid by that team directly to the referee at the field.

Metro level Coaches/Managers who pay referees directly for league games are responsible for reconciling their referee fees at the end of the season with the Club Treasurer using the Referee Reconciliation document.  If more fees are required, the coach must submit their reconciliation document to the Treasurer at least a month or more in advance of when the fees are required.

Referees are responsible for maintaining their own records as to which games were reffed, where and when and ensuring their monthly remuneration is correct; and additionally accounting for this as required on their income tax returns.

For more information, please e-mail the Referee-In-Chief.

Age Group   Centre Referee Assistant Referee
U8   $15.00 n/a
U9   $18.00 n/a
U10   $20.00 n/a
U11 & U12 Div 3   $25.00 n/a
U11 & U12 Div 1 - 2   $30.00 n/a
U13 Div 1 - 3   $35.00 n/a ($20 District Cup only)
U14 Div 1 - 3   $40.00 n/a ($20 District Cup only)
U13 & U14 Metro   $45.00 $25.00
U15 & U16   $50.00 $25.00
U17 & U18   $60.00 $30.00
Division Center Ref Rate Asst. Ref Rate
U8 $15 n/a
U9 $18 n/a
U10 $20 n/a
U11 & U12 $30 n/a
U13 & U14 $40 $20 ea (Metro div only)
U15 & U16 $50 $25 ea
U17 & U18 $60 $30 ea