Below is a list of our most commonly asked registration questions. If you are looking to register, please click the Register Now button at the top of the page, or go to our Programs page and sign up from there . If you have further questions, please email the registrar.

Can I request for my child to play with their friends?

Team creation is a very time consuming process for our volunteer Coordinators, and team sport is a great opportunity for children to make new friends and meet others in their community. For our younger age groups (U6 through U7), we create balanced teams with children, however, this is not always possible. If there is an extenuating reason why your child should be placed on a team with another child (i.e. carpooling or social/emotional factors) please advise the registrar ( Special requests will only be considered up to June 15, and granting of such requests cannot be guaranteed. Requests for a specific coach, or for your child to play with a specific team or group of friends cannot be accommodated

Can my child play in a different age group?

Per BC Soccer regulations, all players must play in their respective age group. The only exceptions to this include:

  • If there are insufficient players of the correct age group to complete a team. In this instance, younger players will have to play in an older age group, regardless of the number of players in each age group.
  • If a player has been identified as being significantly advanced in skill and maturity such that playing in a higher age group is necessary to their player development.
  • If a player has an identified physical or mental disability and is best placed in a different age group – this requires approval from the BC Soccer Association.

The Club’s Technical Team will need to approve any player not playing within their age group.

How are players assigned onto teams?

U6-U10: In these age groups, we do our best to balance rosters in reference to age, experience, and abilities.  Keeping this in mind, the Port Moody Soccer Club also takes into consideration locale and special requests/circumstances.    

U11-U12: Athletes in these age groups are divided between recreation and development programs.  Development rosters will be formed based on staff and team coach assessments, as well as an evaluation process open to current and new athletes.  Recreational players will be placed on rosters in a similar process to that of the U6-U10 programs.  Further details will be provided on the Technical site pages.

What does a registration ‘deadline’ mean?

In order to meet the deadlines for us to register teams to the League(s), ensure we have enough time to order uniforms and equipment, plus confirm coaches and create team rosters in a timely fashion, we need to set a registration ‘deadline’.  At this point, we look at registration numbers per age and division and determine how many teams we will have at each age, gender and division, and subsequently determine team/player registration limits.   Registration will remain ‘open’ after the deadline, but will be set to waitlist only unless there is room on a team.  If enough players register to the waitlist and we can find a coach, we will try to create additional teams as possible.  DO NOT ASSUME THAT BECAUSE YOU PLAYED ON A TEAM WITH PMSC LAST SEASON THAT YOUR SPOT WILL BE HELD FOR THE SPRING OR FOLLOWING FALL/WINTER SEASON.  We do give team placement priority to returning PMSC players, but only to a certain date and only if there is room on a team at their assessed age/division level – otherwise registration is first-come, first-serve to be fair to all players wishing to play soccer.

What if there is no spot for my child on an existing team?

The registration deadline of June 15 (fall/winter season) and Feb 21 (spring season) is so that we have an ample amount of time to create teams to accommodate all players. Players who are not able to be assigned a team will be waitlisted until a team can be found and waitlisted players will be placed in the order of registration. Our Coordinators work very hard to find and build teams to place all players. If it does not look like we will have enough players within our organization to fill a team we will work with neighbouring clubs to build teams. Our goal is that every child has a place to play soccer.

What other training opportunities are there for my child?

PMSC offers Academy programs through the fall, winter and spring season for all levels of play – and players are encouraged to participate. Information and costs for the Academy program are available on the website. Additionally, PMSC also runs camps during Spring Break and Summer time for additional soccer training (and fun) opportunities.

When do I find out who my child's coach is?

Our U8-U10 development, U11-U12 Div 1 & U13-U18 Metro level team coaches are selected in the spring during our player evaluation process and are announced during this time. U8-U18 Recreational and divisional team coaches and rosters are typically finalized in March for the Spring season and in July for the Fall/Winter season, if not before. U6-U7 coaches and rosters are determined in March for the Spring season and in August for the Fall/Winter season (as we need to wait until we have a confirmed gym schedule from the School District first).

When do we find out the practice and game day, time and location?

For most teams practice days/times/locations are available at the time of registration and are posted on the Club website under ‘Schedules’.  The exception is our U6/U7 fall-winter teams as they practice in gyms that are not confirmed until the end of the summer, and then our gym coordinator needs to work with our coaches to assign gyms based on their schedules. As a result, this information is not available until late August, however as we various gym bookings Monday through Thursday if the practice time assigned to your child does not work with your schedule we can look to moving them to another team that has a more favourable gym time.

For games, boys will play games on Saturdays and girls on Sundays. Game times and locations for our U8 and older age groups are created by the various leagues we play in and do not start to become available until late August/early September for our fall/winter program and early April for our spring program as schedules can not be formed until the number of teams per Club is known.  Most leagues will have ‘retiering’ times where teams are moved to a new grouping, and so the schedule is updated through the season.

Who coaches the teams?

Teams are generally coached by parent or community volunteers, and in some cases a team may have a club- assigned technical coach for their team. The Club provides all coaches with training and resources. Each coach is required to submit a Criminal Record Check (no charge to the coach) to the Club at the start of the season. For our Kick Start program a parent or guardian is expected to be with their child at all practices and games (no drop offs allowed), and as such parents are encouraged (at the direction of the coaches) to help out and participate. For our older teams, the coach will advise what is expected in terms of parent participation. 

Will my child play on the same team with the same coach and players each year?

Not necessarily. Volunteer coaches are not always available year to year and the experience demographic of returning players vs. new players sometimes requires us to adjust teams to create fair, balanced teams. In U8 some children are selected to play on a development team and so there is a significant shift in team composition from U7 to U8. Children benefit from having different instruction and varying coaches through a soccer ‘career’ can be helpful for a child’s soccer development.