**For any questions related to anything you read here, or if anything is out of date, please reach out to us at admin@portmoodysoccer.com

Thank you for volunteering to manage your child’s team, we appreciate your assistance in helping our teams run smoothly.

Beginning of the Season

Beginning of the Season Information

  1. Sign in to PowerUp, with registration login, to acquire your team roster
  2. Download PowerUp app, same login as registration login
    1. See PowerUp app for Team Officials here
  3. Introduce yourself and the coach to the team through an email, and preferred contact methods
  4. Encourage all parents to download the PowerUp app for your team (if this is your method of communication and schedule information)
    1. Refer them to PowerUp app for Parents here
  5. Pick up uniforms and equipment (email will be sent out with times and dates from the club)
  6. Coordinate with the coach to set up a pre- season meeting, below are suggestions for discussion:
    1. Review club policies:
      1. Player and Parent Conduct
      2. Social Media
      3. Rule of Two
      4. Health Protocols
    2. Remind parents that their support and engagement is vital. Volunteer roles need that need to be filled:
      1. Field set-up and take down for home games
      2. Team events
      3. Any extra team tournaments or activities
    3. The manager is primary contact between parents, coach, and club
    4. Set up a group text for last minute updates on games and emergencies
    5. Make sure all parents and players update coach and manager of availability for all practices, games, and tournaments (via app if being used)
    6. Raffle (club will send out information for you to pass on to members)
    7. Please let people know how important volunteers are to the club, ask parents to consider getting involved and refer to volunteer page on website to see what’s available
    8. Ask for parent volunteers to help with team parties, coach’s gifts, team treasurer and other team responsibilities needed
  7. Collect team fees for such things as:
    1. First aid kits (should be updated each season)
    2. Tournaments (great and FUN way to get the team bonding)
    3. Ice packs (good practice to have)
    4. Ball pump
  8. Club Wear is available through the Soccer Express Team Store on the club website. Check out the Club Wear flyer here.
  9. Suggestions:
    1. Training Jacket
    2. Training pants
    3. Backpacks
    4. Training shirts
Equipment, Field and Game Information

Equipment, Field and Game Information

Please ensure the bench area is cleaned up after games and practices, all cages are locked and equipment returned to its proper place.

Tents are to remain onsite at each field and not be taken to away games.

For exhibition matches – teams are responsible for paying the referees. To request field time and a referee, please contact the admin.


Keys are not required for the equipment cages at North Shore or Trasolini, please contact Administration for access to the Bluetooth Masterlocks


Nets and equipment are locked at our community grass fields. Keys are supplied at the beginning of the season to coaches who don’t have them already.

U8-U12 Age Group

U8-U12 Age Group Information

  1. Post practice schedules in PowerUp
  2. Post the game schedules in PowerUp, home schedules located on club website here.
  3. All league games and contacts are on league websites:
    1. https://www.nfysa.ca/schedules
    2. https://bccoastalsoccerleague.ca/schedules
  4. Update team as to field closures and schedule changes
  5. Contact opposing team manager to confirm weekend games by Wednesday for boys and Thursday for girls. Please ensure there is no conflict with jersey colours if so, the home team is required to change. Pinnies may be used if necessary.
  6. Referees are paid by the club directly, no need for on field payments
  7. Girls teams always require a female at the bench (BC Soccer Rule)
  8. U11/U12 Div 1 & 2 teams require B.C. Soccer player cards at every game (by Oct 1st )
  9. Ensure all team contact information (coach and manager) on NFYSA website correct
U13-U18 Age Group

U13-U18 Age Group Information

  1. Post practice schedules in PowerUp
  2. Post the game schedules in PowerUp, home schedules located on club website here.
  3. All league games (home and away) and team contacts are on league websites:
    1. https://bccoastalsoccerleague.ca/schedules
  4. Verify team roster on BCCSL website, including jersey numbers and player and team official photos
  5. Ensure you have BCCSL team portal access to report scores, update rosters, download match sheets and access digital player cards
    1. Log on the BCCSL website at: www.bccoastalsoccerleague.ca
    2. Click on Portals in task bar, click on Team Portal in drop down menu
    3. New account, click on Register in bottom left
    4. Create a user name and password and enter Team ID # (ask admin)
    5. Follow link sent to email to access portal
  6. Print 3 roster sheets for each game (from BCCSL team portal), two for the ref and one for your team.
  7. Contact opposing team manager to confirm weekend games by Wednesday for boys and Thursday for girls
  8. All contacts are listed on the BCCSL website
  9. Ensure there are no conflicts with jersey colors, home team changes if there an issue
  10. Referee payments will be paid through the club
  11. Home teams are responsible for reporting the game score after the game by logging into your BCCSL team portal and clicking on Score Reporting
  12. Digital player cards are available through your BCCSL Team Portal, helpful to download the player cards, or screenshot on your phone, should reception be unreliable at the field
  13. If you are short players, please inform your Technical Director or Head Coach. They will provide support and guidance and can help you ask a player from a year younger or lower division to play up
    1. If you call up a player, you are able to add them to your roster for match sheets and access to player card through the fluid roster process in Qscriptor in BCCSL team portal
  14. To change a game time or date please contact opposing team to check if it works, and get approval from your Technical Director or Head Coach, then contact the PMSC Administrator for final logistical details. Must be done more than 24 hours in advance, where possible, due to field and referee re-scheduling
  15. Update team as to field closures and schedule changes throughout the season

The manager is truly an important part of the team management and is the driving force in helping to build a successful team. It’s also a very fun and rewarding job as you can be creative and build a strong unified team. Thank you for stepping up and being an integral part of the team.