1. PMSC’s Privacy Policy is governed by the BC Personal Information Protection Act (“PIPA”), and describes the way that PMSC collects, uses, and discloses personal information of third parties in the course of its activities. 

2. This policy deals with personal information about the Club’s members, non-member volunteers, and other participants such as referees and coaches (together, “Participants”).

Personal Information 

3. Personal information is information about an identifiable individual and includes information that relates to their personal characteristics (e.g., gender, age, income, home address or phone number), their health (e.g., health history, health conditions, health services received by them), their competitive performance or their activities and views (e.g., opinions expressed by an individual). 


4. Questions about PMSC’s privacy policy should be directed to admin@portmoodysoccer.com


5. Personal information will only be collected, used and disclosed by PMSC to engage Participants in the programs and activities offered by PMSC. 

Personal information that may be collected, used or disclosed includes, but is not limited to, the following: 

a) Name, address, phone number, e-mail address, parent/guardian name(s) and photo for thepurpose of emergency contacts, managing insurance claims, receiving communications andidentifying players with regards to PMSC programs, events, and activities (participant orvolunteer). 

b) education, resumes, fitness test results, and experience for database entry in respect ofcoaching and referee certification and to determine level of certification, coaching qualificationsand coach selection. 

d) Credit card information for registration and related purchases. 

e) Date of birth, athlete history, birth certificate, citizenship and member club to determineeligibility, age group and appropriate level of play/competition of registered players. 

f) Video footage and photographs of individuals at competitions for the purpose of technicalmonitoring, coach/club review, training, educational purposes, sport promotion, mediapublications and posting on PMSC’s website, displays or posters. In some cases, videos andother media formats from an event may be available for purchase. 

g) Criminal records check and related personal reference information for the purpose ofimplementing PMSC’s volunteer/employee/contract worker screening program. 

h) Personal health information including provincial health card numbers, allergies, emergencycontact, doctors’ notes and past medical history for the purpose of medical emergency orreports relating to medical or emergency issues. 

i) Name and contact information of board members, volunteers and committee members forthe purpose of communication within and between committees, volunteers, Board membersand staff. 

6. PMSC is a member of and accredited by the Tri-Cities Youth Soccer Association and BC Soccer Association. As a condition of such participation, PMSC discloses certain information as required by the Tri-Cities Youth Soccer Association and BC Soccer Association. 

Indirect Collection 

7. While PMSC typically collects information directly from individuals, information may be collected from individuals by organizations associated with PMSC, principally officials, Leagues, Districts, governing bodies and competition organizers to enable the individual’s or their team’s participation in the activities of the organization. PMSC relies on these individuals and organizations to ensure collected information is accurate and that collection and submission of this information has been done in compliance with all applicable laws, including PIPA. 


8. PMSC seeks to obtain any required consent by lawful means from individuals at the time of direct collection, prior to the use or disclosure of the personal information. If consent to the collection, use or disclosure was not obtained upon receipt of the information, PMSC will make all reasonable efforts to obtain such consent prior to the use or disclosure of that information. Prior to or as part of obtaining this consent, PMSC will disclose to individuals the purpose for which the personal information is to be collected, used or disclosed. 

9. PMSC may collect, use, or disclose personal information without consent where reasonable to do so and where permitted by law. Without limiting the foregoing, PMSC may collect, use or disclose personal information in circumstances including the following: 

a) Personal information is collected by observation of a public sporting event at which theperson appears voluntarily.

b) The information is necessary to determine an individual’s suitability for an athletic position,standing or ranking. 

c) The information is necessary to determine an individual’s suitability for an honour, award orsimilar benefit, including a scholarship or bursary, or

d) The collection, use or disclosure is necessary for the medical treatment of the individual andthe individual is unable to give consent.

10. By providing personal information to PMSC, and participating in its programs and activities, individuals are considered to have consented to the use of the information in the manner and for the purposes identified in this policy. 

11. PMSC will not, as a condition of a product or service, require an individual to consent to the collection, use or disclosure of information beyond that required to fulfill the specified purpose. 

12. An individual may withdraw consent to the collection, use or disclosure of personal information at any time, subject to legal or contractual restrictions. The Club will advise the individual of the implications of such withdrawal. Depending on the circumstances, if consent is withdrawn the individual may not be able to continue their participation in certain programs and activities of PMSC. 

Limiting Collection 

13. All personal information will be collected fairly, by lawful means and for the purposes as specified in this policy or as specified at the time of collection. 

Limiting Use, Disclosure and Retention 

14. Personal information will not be used or disclosed by PMSC for purposes other than those for which it was collected or as provided herein, except with the consent of the individual or as required or permitted by law. 

15. Personal information will be retained for a minimum of two years after its last use by PMSC. After that time, information will be retained for such further periods as may be appropriate and necessary for the business purposes of PMSC pursuant to best practices and standards, or as required by law, after which time it will be destroyed or erased.


16. PMSC will use accurate and up-to-date information as is necessary for the purposes for which it is to be used, to minimize the possibility that inappropriate information may be used to make a decision about an individual. 


17. PMSC is obligated to protect personal information by making reasonable security arrangements against such risks as unauthorized access, loss, copying, theft, collection, use, disclosure or disposal. Personal information is protected by security safeguards appropriate to the sensitivity of the information. Methods of protection and safeguards include, but are not limited to, locked filing cabinets, restricted access to offices, security clearances, need-to-know access and technological measures including the use of passwords, encryption and firewalls. 


18. Subject to PIPA and all applicable laws, upon written request, and with assistance from PMSC, an individual may be informed of the existence, use and disclosure of his or her personal information and may be given access to that information. As well, an individual may be entitled to be informed of the source of the personal information along with an account of third parties to whom the information has been disclosed unless this information shall or may not be disclosed by law. 

19. Requested information will be disclosed to the individual within 60 days of receipt of the written request at no cost to the individual, or at nominal costs relating to photocopying expenses, unless there are reasonable grounds to extend the time limit. 

20. If nominal fees will be charged for the production of personal information under PMSC’s control, the organization will provide the applicant with a written estimate of the fee prior to providing the information. 

21. If personal information is inaccurate or incomplete, it will be amended as required. An individual may request correction of his or her personal information that is under the custody or control of PMSC. Subject to reasonable cost and timeliness, if appropriate and feasible PMSC will correct the information within 30 days of receiving a written request in the approved form. 

22. An individual may be denied access to his or her personal information if: a) This information is prohibitively costly to provide; b) The information contains references to other individuals; c) The information cannot be disclosed for legal, security or commercial proprietary purposes; d) The information is subject to solicitor-client or litigation privilege; e) The law otherwise requires or permits the information not to be disclosed. 

23. Upon refusal, PMSC will inform the individual the reasons for the refusal and the associated provisions of PIPA. 

Challenging Compliance 

24. An individual may challenge the PMSC’s compliance with PIPA, by submitting a complaint in writing/e-mail to: The Port Moody Soccer Club - PO Box #119 - 255 Newport Drive, Port Moody, BC, V3H 5H1

25. PMSC may, from time to time, review and revise this Privacy Policy and its practices, and reserves the right to make changes at any time without notice.